The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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from Pastor Nathaniel:
Although there are numerous business testimonies from The Business Anointing, the biggest and most amazing supernatural financial increase from The Business Anointing came to the winner of the September 18, 2010 Powerball. The ticket was claimed on Oct. 1. Nine months to the day after The Business Anointing. It takes nine months from seed to delivery.

The attendee won 116 million dollars and elected to receive the 63 million dollar cash payout. Since the winner kept his covenant made at The Business Anointing and donated the covenanted amount of several million dollars back to The ARK of Salvation, many may wonder should the church endorse and/or accept proceeds from a lottery.

The winner was the first Powerball winner in Georgia in 10 years. The Powerball number was 13. In 1997 (13 years prior to the Powerball win I was co-pastor of The ARK and preached the weeknight service) I delivered a sermon about the lottery. It was an unusual sermon and resulted from God both correcting and preparing me for this day. Instead of trying to explain it, it is best to simply listen to the sermon. It is called, What Would They Say About A Man That Made Wine at A Party.

To hear What Would They Say About A Man That Made Wine at A Party simply go to and put the word lottery in the search box and judge it for yourself. It is the original sermon unaltered from 1997.

The Business Anointing will NOT result in such drastic blessings as a multi-million dollar lottery, but by following the creed you will be blessed and you will increase, often in ways far greater than money.

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