The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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   Before Registering  
Please Read the FAQs, the History and Listen to The Eight Principles of The Business Creed.

You may choose any available one hour time slot to attend The Business Anointing. This will save you time by minimizing your wait. You must PRINT and BRING your FREE ticket and business card or proof of business ownership or one year plan with you to be admitted.

Once you register, your ticket(s) will be immediately emailed to you. Simply open the attachment and print. You may also login and reprint your tickets at any time.

Your ticket will allow you to receive your FREE SHIRT and BOOK. NO MONEY is required at The Business Anointing. The only thing that you will be required to pay is a $5 parking fee to the convention center.

I certify that:
-I have studied The Business Creed and will follow The Business Creed to the best of my ability.
#2-I will make a covenant with God on the supernatural increase.
#3-I have a business or have concrete plans to start one before or during the anointing year.

Once you register, your ticket will be immediately sent by email in an attached PDF file. Simply open the PDF file and print. You may go back to the registration page at any time and reprint your ticket.


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