The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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What is The Business Anointing?

The Business Anointing was God’s Five Year Plan
For Five Years business people were anointed to do business on the outside of their heads.
Now the anointing moves to the INSIDE with The 24 Hour MBA.

The 24 Hour MBA for those who want the next level


The Business Anointing was a Christian Anointing for those in business and their spouses held each New Year’s Day for five years in Atlanta, GA from 2010 to 2014 at 8 AM from

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Listen to the Finale message for The Business Anointing 2014

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The Business Anointing helps to spiritually remove blocks, opens doors and pronounces the blessings of God upon your business.

Have you often wondered why you struggle so hard in business?
Can’t get the breakthrough that you feel you rightfully deserve?
Do you see others getting breaks while you only get problems?
Have you prayed but still can’t seem to get a breakthrough?
Is there one setback after another? Now there’s help?

Struggle has its benefits but there comes a time when breakthrough is ordained, but you may need the anointing before breakthrough.

In the Bible, kings were anointed and ordained by the prophets.
By the word of the led by God prophet, famines and droughts were caused (recession and depression in modern economic terms) and the heavens were opened and closed.

God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.
The Business Anointing is a God ordained anointing upon His business people.
The Business Anointing requires you to do three things.

The next step evolved step of The Business Anointing is The 24 Hour MBA.
Get The 24 Hour MBA NOW and take your business and life to another level.

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