The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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The History

On December 6, 2009 Pastor Nathaniel Bronner announced to the congregation of The ARK of Salvation The Business Anointing that would happen at 8 AM on New Year’s Day. That announcement for The Business Anointing began broadcasting on The ARK’s televised ministry broadcast the same week.

Listen to the original announcement explaining the origin and circumstances of The Business Anointing.   Listen Now   Watch Video

In the Pastor’s Words:

I announced to the congregation the vision and direction for The Business Anointing at the Sunday morning service. A group of several of us were leaving that afternoon to attend a Prophetic Deliverance and Healing Conference in Santa Rosa Florida at the Christian International Center. The Christian International Center is founded by Dr. Bill Hamon.

The conference was a five day conference beginning Monday, Dec. 7th. The training was led by Apostle Bob and Prophetess Sharon Parkes. On Wednesday at the end of the first half of the conference, prophets from the church came to prophesy to the attendees. Two prophets spoke over me.

Prophet Matthew Catalono began speaking over me. I’ve had many prophets speak and prophesy but I can’t remember anyone so on target and so relevant.

The words Matthew spoke riveted my mind as I heard... (excerpted from the prophesy) Listen to audio

”The Lord says I am equipping you in this time and season. I am placing the sword in your hand and I am placing a tool in your hand as well. The Lord says I am going to cause you to be that person who is able to build and able to fight at the same time. For the Lord says that My presence is going to begin to come forth upon you like never before that this is a time and season of breakthrough for you.

The Lord says that it’s time to begin to wield the sword and to begin to cut off the head of the enemy.  The Lord says it’s time to begin to work with the tool, to begin to build my Kingdom. And we just release right now the Kingdom building anointing. We declare that this is a man of God who is going to begin to transform things. We release ideas and strategies right now, we release a stirring within The Spirit.

We declare and decree the business marketplace anointing to be released NOW in Jesus’ name.

We command a strengthening and a breakthrough for multiplication and for a breakthrough in the Kingdom of God.

For the things that you placed inside of him to begin to explode out and begin to pour out and we declare breakthrough and we cut off every attack of the enemy.”

~from Prophet Matthew Catalono, 3 Days after the announcement in Atlanta of The Business Anointing~

When I heard those words it was a confirmation what God had spoken concerning The Business Anointing. I truly believe that all who follow the commands as set forth by The Business Anointing shall have the Divine Business Anointing cover their business.

The second prophet, Prophetess Barby O’Brien spoke other riveting words of confirmation concerning the miraculous healing power that would soon manifest at the God Heals service.

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