The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to get The Business Anointing?
Can I attend if I am not in business?
Why do I need to bring proof of business or plans?
How do I print my ticket?
Why should I bring my spouse?
Does my spouse have to be in business with me?
Is the spousal anointing the same anointing?
What if only the spouse is interested in participating?
Can I bring my children?
What if I have multiple businesses?
What if I don’t live in Atlanta, can I get it remotely?
Do I need to attend each year?
How long is the service?
How should I dress?
Where should I sit when I arrive?
What time should I arrive?
Suppose I have other questions?

Q: What do I need to do to get The Business Anointing?
A: Three things are required.

1. You must Pre-Register before you attend.
Business is not a haphazard undertaking. It is not a spur of the moment endeavor. Success requires thought, planning, study and work. In the spirit of good business practices, you must make plans and preparation in advance and register each year for The Business Anointing. Before registering you are required to study certain portions of this website such as The Business Creed, the History and these FAQs.
Study is an element of preparation. You must prepare!

2. You must read, study and agree to follow The Business Creed. The Business Creed contains the eight basic rules for excellence and integrity in business. For success and prosperity, you must agree to and follow through with your end of The Business Creed. Click to READ and LISTEN to The Business Creed.

3. No offering will ever be taken at The Business Anointing. There is no fee to pre-register. You must go to God in prayer and make a covenant with God. The amount is between you and God, we will not make a suggestion of any amount be it a fixed dollar amount or percentage. We will not make a suggestion of how long, whether you covenant for just one day or as long as the blessing flows, that is between you and God.

You must make a covenant between you and God that WHEN and ONLY WHEN you see the supernatural manifestation of results of The Business Anointing that you will return unto The ARK of Salvation the amount you covenanted with God. You will not be solicited, badgered or in any way pressured to give any money. If you give, it must be from the supernatural increase and you must come back or send it back and give it without being reminded by The ARK.

We ask that you not take this from your regular giving or commitment at your current church. This is in addition to and is only owed on the supernatural increase which is an increase above and beyond normal business patterns.

Q: Can I attend if I am not in business?
A: You may attend if you meet either of two conditions,
#1- If you are already in business.
#2- If you have definite plans to be in business before the anointing year ends.
This means that you know WHAT business you are going in and WHEN and you are actively planning on starting before the anointing year ends. The Business Anointing is ONLY for those who
are ALREADY in business and their spouses or those who are actively planning to be in business BEFORE the anointing year ends and their spouses.

We respectfully ask that if you are not in business already or do not definitely plan to be in business by the year’s end please do not attend until you are sure and ready.

We have been divinely instructed to do all that we can do to make sure that everyone is in obedience who receives The Business Anointing. Therefore we will validate you as you enter. YOU MUST have a business card or other proof of business with your drivers license to be admitted. This is a spiritual matter of obedience so please do not violate what God has spoken. It is only for those who are in business during that year. If you plan to go in business someday but you really aren’t going to be in business before the anointing year ends then please wait until the year that you are prepared and sure. We welcome you on that year’s New Year’s Day at 8 AM.

Q: Why do I need to bring proof of business or plans?
A: Many people will come to The Business Anointing even if they have no business or concrete plans to start a business during that year. We don’t want to anoint the disobedient. If you have a business you should have a business card with your name on it. That’s a matter of excellence.

If you plan to start your business you should have a written plan, that is diligence and planning. You need the plan for you much more than you need it for us. A plan shows that you are willing to put forth the effort to think, plan and write in detail what it will take to start and make your business successful. Microsoft Corporation, founded by one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, states:

“If you haven't written your plan yet, your business is still in the fantasy stages.”

Learn how to write a good business plan here.

If you are not already in business, YOU MUST BRING YOUR PRINTED BUSINESS PLAN to be admitted.

Q: How do I print my tickets?
A: Once you register your tickets are sent to you by E-mail. You can also log in at any time here and print your tickets.

Q: Why should I bring my spouse and does my spouse have to be in the business with me?
A: It is not mandatory that you bring your spouse but spouses are very important, not just for business but for life in general. If the two of you are on one accord, it will greatly increase the probability of success. If you are fussing, fighting and disagreeing, it will seriously weaken you and increase the chances of the business failing.

Your spouse does not have to be in your business with you.

Q: Is the spousal anointing the same anointing?
A: No. It is different. The spousal anointing is performed by Robbie Bronner, the mother of six sons, including the Brothers of The WORD and the wife of the founder of Bronner Bros. No sword is used for the spousal anointing. Listen to understand the swords.

Below is the note that Robbie Bronner sent concerning her portion and revelation:

Pastor Nathaniel,

You had asked me to anoint the spouse of the business owner and after I heard you tell what God had told you to say over the Owner, I had to go to God to know what to say over the spouse.

Of course, I just felt you wanted me to do it because your Dad and I had worked together as ONE. Last night as I bowed my knees in prayer, I asked God to tell me what I must say over the spouse. After a few minutes, the statement your father spoke to me before marriage came strongly into my mind.

He told me, "If I have one person To Think, To Do, and To Believe as I believe, there will be nothing impossible for us to achieve."

I already knew, I had to use the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the three being ONE, to bring oneness to the spouses. I left the prayer opened to God to show me in the night what was His way: Oh my! The names of Ananias and Sapphira (husband and wife team in business) in the Bible came so vividly with the morning light, I had to get up and read Acts, Chapter 5. Pastor, I was troubled because this is GOD and this is SERIOUS BUSINESS! Do the people registering for “The Business Anointing" really know what they are getting ready to do? They should read Acts Chapter 5 to really know what God is saying. ~Robbie Bronner~

Q: What if the spouse attends alone or if both attend and only the spouse is interested in participating?
A: Then only the spouse would be anointed and only with the spousal anointing. Although it is always better if both are in unison, if the spouse wants the spousal anointing and the owner fits the qualification of owning a business, the spouse is welcome. The owner does not have to abide by the three requirements if only the spouse receives the spousal anointing and the business owner is not anointed with The Business Anointing.

The reason is simple, the spousal anointing is for unity and oneness of purpose and vision. The Business Anointing is for divine supernatural prosperity with integrity and excellence. Although both are highly desirable, they are quite different. Therefore the spousal anointing does not require adherence to the requirements for The Business Anointing.

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Yes, if they are working in the business with you, but you MUST register and print tickets for them. We are family and believe in family business and legacy. We prefer that you wait until they are actually involved in the business before bringing them. Remember, The Business Anointing is every year so we will be ready when they are.

Q: What if I have multiple businesses or endeavors?
A: The Business Anointing is not based on one business but is a general business anointing for any business that you engage in as long as you abide by The Business Creed for that business.

Q: I don’t live in the same city, state or country.
     Can I get The Business Anointing any other way?
A: As people from other countries asked this question, we prayed for an answer. We understand the difficulty of traveling a far distance. God’s answer was that we are not granted the power for a distance Word anointing. The anointing must be transferred by the anointing of oil directly and the touch of the swords. Jesus was able to heal by just sending the Word, but we simply haven’t been granted that level of anointing for The Business Anointing.

It may also be related to the power of pilgrimage. We have often received a greater blessing when we have made the sacrifice to travel a great distance. We seem to get greater benefit when we make the sacrifice to travel to an event. When the prophetic confirmation was given for The Business Anointing, we drove to another state and received a phenomenal Word and anointing. We had to travel a great distance. Pilgrimage is a very important spiritual principle.

So unfortunately (or fortunately when you get an anointing that transforms your business) you will have to physically be present at The ARK no matter what the distance.

Last year a couple came to The Business Anointing from Denmark. That’s a 15 hour flight! You must be present to receive the anointing.

Q: Do I need to attend each year?
A: That depends upon whether you feel you need the anointing and blessing each year. When you see the results one year, then you should continue as long as you are in business.

Q: How long is the service?
A: When you register, you choose a one-hour time slot. You need to arrive 30 minutes before your time slot. Although The Business Anointing may last many hours, you will only be required to stay long enough for you to get anointed. Each person is individually anointed, it is not a group anointing. Although words are corporately spoken over the group, each businessperson and spouse is individually touched and spoken over one at a time.

You may leave as soon as you are anointed, you are not required to stay until the end of the service. Anointing will begin from the front to the back so those who sit closest to the front will be anointed first.

When you register, you will be emailed a ticket with your chosen time slot so that your wait will be minimized. We respect your time. Time is money.

Q: How should I dress?
A: Although there is no mandatory dress requirement, for the proper spirit of anointing we suggest that you dress the way you dress when conducting your business. If you own a restaurant and you are the chef, dress in your chef uniform. If you are a doctor, wear your doctor’s coat and stethoscope. If you own an auto repair shop, wear your mechanic’s jumpsuit.

Dress the way you dress when doing business.

Q: Where should I sit when I arrive?
A: Sit as close to the front as possible. If you normally sit near the back or middle this causes a change of mentality and position as your business prepares to move from the back or middle to the front. Sit where you want your business to go.

Q: What time should I arrive?
A: There are always three different arrival times.
Early, on time and late. Arrive in the time frame consistent with the way that you want your blessings to flow. Early, on time or late. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your time slot on your ticket. Doors open at 6 AM.

The Business Anointing is an anointing but with the anointing comes changes in behavior.

Q: Suppose I have other questions?
A: Contact us with your questions.

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