The Business Anointing
God’s Favor for Financial Increase

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The Business Creed
These are the Eight Principles that you MUST AGREE to abide by in your business for The Business Anointing to be valid.


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1. Always remain financially viable.
We must make sound financial decisions to remain profitable to not only remain in business, but to prosper in business.

2. Use no deception.
We must always be truthful, both inside the company and to our customers and never use deception for gain or other reasons.

3. All products and actions must be beneficial.
Everything done must have an overall beneficial effect.

4. We shall have excellent customer service.
We shall treat each customer as we wish to be treated.

5. We shall strive to be the best.
In products and service, no one shall offer a better value.

6. We shall strive to have the best environment.
We shall do our best to maintain a spirit of diligence, faithfulness, excellence, trust, peace, and harmony that shall transcend the office and spread to our personal relationships.

7. We shall improve.
Each day, each week, each month, each quarter, each year, each decade we shall strive to be better than we were before.

8. As we are blessed, we shall bless others.

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